Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Gort!!

      These two have been not only a great couple, but also an incredible set of friends. I have been friends with Alex since high school and then came Lindsey. Instantly, I knew these two were perfect, I think I even told them that right from the get go. It's not often that your friend finds a girl that you connect with so well. Lindsey was immediately one of our girls and never skipped a beat.

      Years later, Alex proposed to Lindsey and they asked ME to shoot their wedding. Talk about an honor but also a basket full of nerves! I was so excited and thankful for the opportunity. Their wedding at Railside Country Club was nothing short of magical. I had so fun with the two of them and their bridal party all day. I mean, I was involved in every aspect of their day. What a freakin' honor! I love these two and I'm so happy for them. 


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